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Donna M. Franklin DMochelle Fashions is owned by Donna Michelle Kittrell, her passion is to help heal the wounds of hurting people inward part as well as the outward appearance.  She has been one who has worked all of her life surrounded by wounded hurt people.  Donna Michelle has a background of Retail with Ten years of management and managing stores. Her experience in retail working for Victoria Secret and Nordstrom as a Bra Specialist Fitter. The amazing experience of having the patience with taking time spending with client who had Mastectomy surgery needs special attention.  It was delightfully filling when they would walk out of my presence feeling great with smile after the tears and the feeling embarrassed. She also worked for New York Presbyterian Hospital with the Breast Clinic. I wanted to bring sunshine to their faces. Donna Michelle also have had very close family and friends who members have passed away from breast cancer.

DMochelle Fashion Means: A beautiful women, her reputation as great beauty and the combination of qualities that make something pleasing and impressive to look at, listen to and great smiles.  Her personal and physical attractiveness, especially with regard to the use of cosmetics and other methods of enhancing her favor.

Product and Services:


jDMochelle Fashion will carry a beautiful Mastectomy line of dresses never seen on the market. Transforming dresses and blouses from a high trend of regular clothing line to a custom made line of styles for Mastectomy Women’s Wear. This dress will be designed with a cup shape line built into the dress fabric lay right on the skin when she move the dress move with her not ever going out of place. Lace fabrics many sort of beautiful colors that will stretch with a special lining. Custom made to her body frame. And a choice of accessories, hats, beautiful bags, fashionable jewelry, leather gloves, fashionable belts and stockings. Small makeup kits to enchant to beauty of skin. We will sort out every fabric texture that will bring the best quality and beauty that will dazzle the eyes of people. I have great expectations on my company business.


My vision is to see a world of healing through the Fashions of Dmochelle Fashions line of Mastectomy clothing wear.

The benefit in these Mastectomy clients will never feel left out of wearing the trendy clothing line. As years and time put in, my goal is to bring in the line of Fashion, also for Men who have been affected with Breast Cancer. I have a vision to take on this Line of Mastectomy Clothing to the top as far as I can go when resource allow me to.

In the beginning of the year of 2012, I started writing my vision on Dmochelle Fashions. By the end of the year, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had my surgery at the beginning of the year of 2013 with radiations.  I am now Cancer Free.

I am working even harder for this cause. My passion is even stronger and wiser because I walked in the shoes of Breast Cancer.

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